“O Vulcan! say, was ever breast divine So pierced with sorrows, so o’erwhelm’d as mine?

THE LAW ofcourse is Life.  And its master; death.   Sad but true.  Sad. Understanding. Communication. Sociability. These are the laws of life.  When it passes.  Fragments of memory remind that this is what it is.  sic   wuz. a bit of fuzz; fluff and frill;  joy to thrill. gone save in my heart. can't even heave a sigh. salty water fills thine eye.


“E is for endings, endings to poems, last words designed to release us back into our world with the momentary illusion that no harm has been done. They are various, and inscribe themselves in the ghostly aftermath of any work of art. Much of what we love about poems, regardless of their subject, is that they leave us with a sense of renewal, of more life. Life, on the other hand, prepares us for nothing, and leaves us nowhere to go. It stops.”