I can list out things I've done under the aegis LAW.  Law schools where I discovered what law is. (Nova, Columbia, Harvard.) Categories of cases I've worked on or places I've done law-work and law-stuff in. Federal Magistrate's office, Divorce Attorney's Office, Criminal Lawyer's office and for the past three decades; under the banner of "my practice."   Property cases (real estate closings, landlord tenant disputes,) domestic law cases (divorce and separation, locating kidnapped children, domestic violence;) Civil Litigation cases (replevin, car accident damage cases, business contract cases;) administrative cases (Florida Departments of Revenue, Construction Industry Licensing, immigration;) Bankruptcy (chapter 7 and 13;) and that list goes on and on.  Criminal cases.  Medical Malpractice cases.  Trials. Negotiations. Trusts. Wills.  Employment situations.  

In truth, you may have a case directly on point or connected to something I have worked on. But in deeper reality you or a business which is you has a problem. Chances are good you have spent a great deal of money somewhere else. And gotten poorer; but the problem is still there.

I am here at that point to see if under the banner Law, under the energies of myself we can solve your problem.  

That sums up what I have been doing for the past three decades better than suggesting categories which seems to correspond to the problem that is ruining your life at the moment.  

Perhaps it is true that people want an aggressive lawyer; but I think that people respond to reason; sometimes forced; but always reason by which human will overcomes the problems that we struggle with. We need to understand our predicament, understand the opportunities available to us and have the courage to try to get to the other side of the mountain, alive and together.  

We are not God. WE are only people.  WE are the people.  And we make our own law for we are free people.  We fight for right.  And this is a life worth living.  


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